Look for these features in other heaters of this type.

Fully approved

SUPERCIKKI 80 certified CE0694BL2996, has been designed and produced in accordance with the European Gas Directive CEE 90/396 and following the ISO 9002 rules. It is IP44 certified and it is independently tested prior to despatche.

Highest reliability

The peculiarity of SUPERCIKKI 80 air heater is the burner with its special gas deflector and its hot surface ignition with flame control by ionisation.
The unique patented system eliminates any risk of malfunction, granting a perfect lighting and a better combustion, assuring constant high quality as years go. It is also a much stronger ignition system, compare with other types.

Dual application, inside-outside mounting

SUPERCIKKI 80 is IP44 protection degree approved i.e. absolutely weather proof. It can be installed either inside or outside the poultry and livestock confinement buildings using the same heater for either application.

Easy maintenance

Quick-disassembly of the cabinet without disconnecting wires. It assures very easy accessibility and simply field serviceable by the grower. Unit is accessible also through side swinging doors.

Sturdy item

An extremely strong pre-painted galvanised steel cabinet, a thick high temp aluminized steel combustion chamber, a heavy duty thermally protected alluminium electric motor with cooling fins, a solid powerfull blower, a cast iron burner: SUPERCIKKI 80 is indestructible.


Up to 80 kw heating capacity output, 100% thermal efficiency with only 0,3% CO2 in the air-flow, both methane, propane and butane working gas burner, more than 30 meters air-flow lauch blower, -15/+35 degrees working field: you won't ask for more.

  • Unique product in the market to be available in Modulating Version (low consumption - low emission - maintaining precise temperature)
  • CE approved
  • Independently tested
  • IP44 protection degree
  • Inside and outside application
  • Quick-disassembly cabinet without disconnecting wires
  • 100% efficiency with only 0,3% CO2
  • Up to 80kw heating capacity output
  • Cast iron gas burner using both methane, propane or butane
  • Special burner's deflector
  • Hot surface ignition electrode and flame control by ionisation
  • Twin solenoid valve
  • Remotable diagnostic monitoring light with manual reset high temp limit switch
  • Automatic reset limit switch
  • Air sensor switch
  • High pressure radial fan
  • Thermally protected alluminium electric motor with fins
  • Duct with user-adjustable deflectors
  • Available in Inox AISI 430 steel cabinet

(international patent)