CL Serie
Fan coil units for working and domestic environments heating

Fan coil units either vertical or horizontal model, either floor, wall or ceiling mounted model, galvanized painted casing whith anticondensate material, heat tranfer coil made of copper tube with alluminium fin which can be connected either right or left side, low sound pressure level centrifugal fan with three speed, condensate water pan, cleanable air filter,control system.

The Tecnoclima's 7 models with capacities from 2,600 up to 14,375 kcal/h heating capacities, from 900 up to 6,400 Frig/h cooling capacities and from 120 up to 1,590 m3/h nominal air flow have been designed for working and domestic environments: in particular where it needs a very strong unit, like in schools, residens, shops, offices.A very much complete range of accessory is available for Tecnoclima CL SERIE.

AZ Serie
Suspended water heaters for industrial and commercial environments heating

Suspended water heaters, seamless cooper tubes with plate type aluminium fins exchange coil, with high exchange surface, water connections on the side, low sound pressure level propeller fan, galvanized steel supporting frame, either thick galvanized painted steel or stainless steel casing.

The Tecnoclima's 6 models with capacities from 10,800 up to 57,300 kcal/h and from 1,725 up to 10,250 m3/h nominal air flow have been designed for industrial and commercial environments heating:
industrial sheds or exhibitions areas, storehouses, sports centre or commercial centre; but also in the agriculture and in the stock farming.


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