DGK/S/P Serie
Warm air heaters for mobile heating

Warm-air heaters with direct distribution air throw, working either with light oil or LPG, casing made of painted steel, stainless steel combustion chamber, inside burner, electronic control and safety system for automatic operations. DGK serie, working with light oil, without combustion chamber, with combustion gas and air flow mixed toogether which assure a 100% combustion efficiency. DGS serie, working with light oil, with combustion chamber which assure clean air throw. DGP serie, working with LPG, without combustion chamber, with a heating capacity output regulation on the burner, in order to regulate the heating power, depending on the needs. The Tecnoclima's 8 models with capacities from 21,500 up to 86,000 kcal/h net thermal output, have been designed for emergency, like in an open working space or for drying items and where it needs a mobile and economic air heater.

MB Serie
Plug-in oil-fired warm-air heaters for mobile heating

Mobile warm air heaters with direct distribution air throw, working with light oil burner, with incorporated tank, stainless steel combustion chamber and heat exchanger, either with high performance propeller or centrifugal fans, electronic control and safety system, cabinet heater robustly constructed formed by galvanized pre-coated steel panels, fitted with a radiant sheet insulation.

The Tecnoclima's 4 models with capacities from 40,000 up to 125,000 kcal/h net thermal output and from 3,500 up to 10,000 m3/h nominal air flow have been designed for mobile heating:
drying, desiccation, dehumidification and in the various situations of emergency where it needs easy and fast heating.


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