Roof-top system designed to produce warm air, cold air and air treatment. Cabinet robustly constructed formed by galvanized painted steel pannels fitted with radiant sheet insulation, all set on a very thick galvanized plate. Cooling section with reciprocating hermetic compressor with indipendent circuits, condensing coils made of copper tubes, low sound pressure level axial fans. Heating section with patented high efficiency stainless steel combustion chamber, centrifugal smokes extractor, atmospheric gas burner with electronic ignition. Air treatment section with air mixing plenum, high efficiency filter, centrifugal fans with variable gear, large access door to semplify maintenance. An uptodate electronic microprocessor manage the all unit's operations. The particular U way of the air, enable the inlet and outlet air throw to be on the same side of the unit which makes easy the installation of it.

The TECNOCLIMA's 6 models are consisted of as follow: the first two models with one compressor and one combustion chamber, the other four with two compressors and two combustion chambers in order to fraction efficaciously the capacity of the units which for the all range goes from 19,780 up to 110,000 Kcal/h heating capacity, from 12,000 up to 66,000 Frig/h cooling capacity and from 2,200 up to 13,200 m3/h nominal air flow.

EC Serie
Box fans extractor

Box fans with centrifugal fan, casing made of galvanized or plastic-coated galvanized steel self-supporting panels, thermal and acoustic isolation, galvanized steel double inlet three-phase centrifugal fan with variable gear or monophase with three speeds, self-lubrificating bearing.

The Tecnoclima's 34 models with capacity from 400 up to 20,000 m3/h have been designed for tubing air extraction from commercial or industrial environments: industrial sheeds, storehouse, environments with people or any working environments.


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